School Photo 2014-15

The mission of Altus Academy is to develop students with the strength of character and academic excellence to succeed in college preparatory high schools, college, and beyond.

Altus is a private, independent, not-for-profit, middle school that provides a high quality college preparatory education for families. We aim to serve underrepresented populations, including students from historical minority groups, low-income households, and from first-generation college graduate households.

The vision of Altus Academy is to create a culture of character based on the fundamental social values of love, freedom, justice and truth that transforms the student, the family, and the community.

This is accomplished by promoting the integral human development of each individual member of our learning community, fostering academic, moral, intellectual, physical, and spiritual excellence. Graduates of Altus Academy will respect and bear witness to objective truth, transcend life’s challenges, and direct their personhood toward the Divine.


Altus Academy inaugurated its first class of sixteen students on August 7, 2013. Altus continues to add programs and students as we grow.